Word Displays Expired Macros Error and Then Disables HotDocs Macros

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When launching Word, I get the following error message:

This file contains macros with an expired or revoked signature. Since you are running under High 
Security Level, these macros will be disabled.

What does this message mean, and how can I fix the error?


The HotDocs macros are contained in Word .DOT templates, which are digitally signed by HotDocs. When Word loads a template that contains macros, it looks for a digital signature to know whether or not it should trust the macros. Since the certificates used to digitally sign files expire after a period of time, the files must be occasionally signed again using an updated certificate. You can fix this error by downloading updated macros, which are signed with a new, non-expired, certificate.

To update your HotDocs macros

1. Close HotDocs and Word.

2. In your Web browser, open ftp://ftp.hotdocs.com/pub/support/word/

3. Download the appropriate macros folder. For example if you have HotDocs 2008, you will download HD2008Macros.zip or if you have HotDocs 2009, you will download HD2009Macros.zip and save the file to your desktop.

4. Open the zip file, and extract the updated macros to the following folders, replacing the files that are in those folders already:

  • hd6edit.dot, hd6icon.dot --> C:\Program Files\HotDocs\Source\Word\Macros or C:\Program Files (x86)\HotDocs\Source\Word\Macros
  • hd2007edit.dotm, HotDocsRibbon.dotm --> C:\Program Files\HotDocs\Source\Word\Macros2007 or C:\Program Files\HotDocs\Source\Word\Macros2007
  • Model Document Authoring Toolbar.dot --> C:\Program Files\HotDocs\Source\Word\MDML or C:\Program Files (x86)\HotDocs\Source\Word\MDML(If applicable)

5. Launch HotDocs from the Start menu. This causes HotDocs to copy the updated macros to Word's Startup folder.

6. Launch Word. The warning about the expired macros should no longer appear, although you may be asked if you want to trust the macros signed by HotDocs. If you see these prompts, choose Always trust macros from this publisher and then click Enable Macros