WordPerfect Templates Not Printing

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After converting WordPerferct templates automated in HotDocs 5.x to HotDocs 6.0, they no longer print.


This is a known problem where, during the conversion of a WordPerfect template to HotDocs 6.0, the template's document summary (File > Settings > Summary tab) becomes corrupted (as evidenced by the garbled text in this field). This, in turn, causes printing problems. This problem was fixed with the release of HotDocs 6.01.

Once you have updated your software, you have two options for fixing the affected templates:

Option 1:

In the library that contains the corrupt WPT, select the affected template and click Newtemplate.pngNew Template. HotDocs displays a warning message, at which you should click Yes. the template is now fixed.

Option 2:

Open the corrupt WPT, select File > Properties, then remove the garbled text from the Descriptive name and Abstract fields. The template is now fixed.