WordPerfect Script Compile Errors

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When editing a template, WordPerferct displays the following error message: A syntax error was detected during the compilation of you PerfectScript macro.


This problem occurs when the macros required by the current version of HotDocs aren't compatible with (or compiled for) the version of WordPerfect you have installed.

WordPerfect recompiles macros automatically (if need be) when it runs them. So, most macros are OK, even if originally compiled with a "wrong version" of WordPerfect. But when one macro is called from another macro, WordPerfect doesn't recompile the called macro. Instead, you receive the errors described above.

To compile the macros

  1. Run WordPerferct.
  2. Go to Tools > Macro > Edit.
  3. Select the macro Hd6util.wcm and click Edit.
  4. click the Save & Compile command on the toolbar.
  5. Close the macro.

If the Save & Compile command is disabled in step 4 above, you can enable it by inserting and then deleting a character (just to make the macro look changed).

If you receive other compilation error messages with different macros, note the reference to the macro in the error message (so you can find it in the Macros list) and repeat this process to recompile each of these macros.