Update an Answer Library after Moving Answer Files

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Items in an answer library (Answer File Manager) are similar to Windows-style shortcuts on your desktop. If you move the actual answer file, HotDocs will no longer be able to find it because the answer library item still points to the old file location. After moving answer files on your local disk or network, you must update the references to those files in the answer library.

You can update the file paths for answer files in Answer File Manager, as described below.

To update file paths in Answer File Manager

  1. At the HotDocs library, click the Answerfilemanager.gifAnswer File Manager button. The Answer file Manager appears.
  2. Select the answer file that needs to be updated. The answer file's properties, including the current file path, appear in the Properties pane.
  3. Click Properties.gifProperties. The Item Properties dialog appears.
  4. Click the Browse.gifBrowse button by the File name box. The Open Answer File Name dialog box appears, where you can locate the answer file in its new location.
  5. Click OK. The Item Properties dialog box appears again with the new file path in the File name box.