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The UpdateChannel object represents a single update channel in a HotDocs update RSS document.

Although RSS specifications allow for multiple channels in an RSS feed, HotDocs update RSS documents should contain only one channel.


General Information

ProgID: HDNET.UpdateChannel.1
HDNET.UpdateChannel (version-independent)
CLSID: {08040FB0-DC34-4BFB-B062-C2621B20CFE3}


Property.gifdescription A description of the template set. [Read/Write]
Property.gifitems Returns an UpdateItems collection, which is a collection of each update item in the UpdateChannel. [Read-only]
Property.giflastCheckDate The last date on which the UpdateChannel was checked for updates. It is not saved in the RSS document. [For internal HotDocs use only.] [Read/Write]
Property.giflink The URL for the update document. [Read/Write]
Property.giftitle The URL for the update document. [Read/Write]

Example Code

Example of Opening a HotDocs Update Document (Visual C#)
//This example opens an existing RSS document and displays information about it
HDNETLib.UpdateDocumentClass rss = new HDNETLib.UpdateDocumentClass();
//Open the existing RSS document rss.Parse("C:\\example.rss");
//Display information about the RSS feed System.Console.WriteLine("Description: {0}",rss.channels.Item(0).description); System.Console.WriteLine("Number of Items: {0}",rss.channels.Item(0).items.Count.ToString()); System.Console.WriteLine("Link: {0}",rss.channels.Item(0).link); System.Console.WriteLine("Title: {0}",rss.channels.Item(0).title);