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'HotDocs Cannot Play the Macro HD6EditTemplate.Main' Message Appearing'The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch' Message Appearing'Value out of Range' Error When Inserting Variable in Word Footer
ASSEMBLE Instructions Do Not Work Consistently With a Custom InterviewAbsoluteValue( num )Accelerator
Add / Import users from CSV fileAdd Customized Additional Text to a Dialog Repeated as a SpreadsheetAdd Days, Weeks, Months, and Years to a Date
Add Non-HotDocs Files to a Template LibraryAdd Standalone Text to a DialogAdd Templates and Other Files to a Library
Add a Button that Runs a Computation VariableAdd a Button that Starts an ApplicationAdd a new taxonomy for Templates
Add a new userAdd taxonomy TagsAddendum
Additional TextAge( date )Allow Non-Standard Names in Model Documents
Allow template linksAmpersand Appears as Underscore in PromptsAnonymous Registration email
AnswerAnswer FileAnswer File (Command-Line Option)
Answer File ManagerAnswer LibraryAnswer Management
Answer MappingAnswer SharingAnswer Source DLL Interface
Answer Source Integration ExampleAnswer SummaryAnswer Summary (Command-Line Option)
Answer WizardAnswered ( dialog )Answered ( var )
AscendAscend var; descend varAsk dialog
Ask varAssemble Documents from Within Time Matters
Assemble a Model Document Using HotDocsAssembled Document
Assembly IssuesAssembly QueueAssembly Window
Auto-Assemble FileAuto-Detect Fields in HotDocs Automator Happens Slowly and/or Does Not CompleteAuto-Install File
Auto-Install and Auto-Assemble Files Being Saved as ZIP FilesAutoOpen and AutoExec Macros Disabled When Working with Word TemplatesAutomate
Automatic Template Set UpdatesAutomation/Scripting Errors
Bad Magic Number Errors When Saving Answer FileBanner Bar
Bar CodeBasic Model Document MarkupBinary Files
Bold, Italicize, and Underline Parts of an AnswerBookmarks Deleted When Editing TemplateBrowser
Built-in VariableCONCEAL VAR
COUNTERCalculate Annually Compounded InterestCalculate Elapsed Hours and Minutes
Calculate Monthly Loan Payments (Amortization)Calculate a Person's AgeCan't Preview a Template When Working with Word 2007
Can't Replace Long Lines of Text in a WordPerfect Template
Century RolloverChange the Properties for Multiple Items in a Library
Change the Properties of a Single Library ItemChanging the Appearance of Questions and Dialogs in the InterviewCheck-Box Field
ChevronsChild DialogChooseMultipleRecords
ChooseRecordClauseClause Archive
Clause LibraryClause Name (Command-Line Option)Clicking the IF Button Causes HotDocs to Stop Responding
Client Interview SettingClient InterviewsClients Page
Clients Task BarCollaboration and Document RecipientsCombine Answers From Two Lists Into One
Combine First, Middle, and Last NamesCommand-Line OptionCommand-Line Options
CommentComments at End of Inserted DOT Template Cause Bad Formatting in Parent TemplateCompatibility Issues Between the Different Versions of HotDocs
Compatibility of Hotdocs 10 Files with Earlier Versions of HotdocsComplete DocumentComplete the HotDocs Tutorials
Complex Markup Example with Tables (Last Will and Testament)ComponentComponent File
Component File PropertiesComponent ManagerComputation Variable
Conditional TextConfiguring a HotDocs Server Head or SDK NodeContact Us Support Form
Contents:Microsoft Click to RunConvert Binary/Decimal Numbers
Convert Binary/Hexadecimal NumbersConvert Decimal/Hexadecimal NumbersConvert HotDocs Templates to Model Documents
Convert Model Documents to HotDocs Template FormatConvert Time Matters Dates, Numbers into HotDocsConvert a Text Answer to a Date
Converting Component Files To Other VersionCount( dialog )Count( mult choice var )
CounterCreate HotDocs Template ExtensionsCreate Installation Log File
Create Mailing Labels from a Repeated DialogCreate a Custom Error Message for a Spreadsheet on Parent DialogCreate a Favorites Folder in the Template Library
Create a Foreign Language TemplateCreate a LibraryCreate a New Library By Exporting Part of an Existing Library
Create a Sharepoint List answer sourceCreate a Temporary VariableCreate an Answer Source Integration
Creating a New DocumentCreating an Answer Source DLLCustom Interview
DatabaseDateOf( num, num, num )
Date + num daysDate + num monthsDate + num years
Date - num daysDate - num monthsDate - num years
Date DetectionDate FormatsDate Variable
DayOf( date )DayOfWeek( date )DaysFrom( date, date )
Default Answer File (Command-Line Option)Default File Locations in HotDocs 10Default Interview
Default Word ProcessorDefault var to valueDefine Field Properties
Define Settings for a Model DocumentDefine a Custom InterviewDefine the Order of Dialogs in the Interview
Delete DocumentDelimiterDescend
Determine Dates for HolidaysDetermine Day of Week for a DateDetermine Number of Days Between Two Dates
Determine Number of True Responses in a Repeated DialogDetermine When to Use A or AnDetermine When to Use State or Commonwealth
Determine if Any Answer in a Repeated Dialog is TrueDetermine if a Number is Even or OddDetermine the Correct Form of a Verb
Determine the Current Language in a TemplateDetermine the First Day of Next MonthDetermine the Last Day of a Month
Determine the Number of Spaces (or Other Characters) in an AnswerDevelop Correct Line Spacing for IF InstructionsDeveloper
DialogDialog ElementDialog and Interview Updates
Differences Between SET and DEFAULT InstructionsDirect-Fill AssemblyDiscard Answers (Command-Line Option)
Document AssemblyDocument ManagerDocument Manager Not Registered Errors
Document MarkupDocument PageDocument Panel
Document Preview TabDocument Services Supported BrowsersDocument Services System Requirements
Document Task BarDocumentation FeedbackDocuments Edit Page
Documents Edit Task BarDon't Brag (Command-Line Option)Dot Codes
Download AnswersDownloading Component File
Downloading HotDocs ConfigurationDraft a Test DocumentDuplicate
ERASE VAR; ERASE DIALOGEdit FieldEdit Template (Command-Line Option)
Edit a REPEAT InstructionEditing Multiple Templates at One TimeEditing Templates
Enable Templates for Online ServerEnable client interviewsEnd of Interview
End of Interview Screen is Displayed Immediately After Launching HotDocs InterviewEnd of Template When Expecting END IF ErrorsEnter True or False
Enter a DateEnter a NumberEnter some Text
Error Installing PDF AdvantageError Message Appears When Launching Auto-Assemble FileError Messages When Saving Component Files
Errors When Using HotDocs 6.1 or 6.2 with WordPerfect 11 sp1 or sp2Example Model Documents
Exit HotDocsExit HotDocs (Command-Line Option)Explicit Index
ExpressionExtract .msi from setup.exeFILTER COMPUTATION VAR
FORMAT "LIST FORMAT"FieldFile Locations
File ManagementFile Name ExtensionFiles or Folders display Foreign Characters
FillFillable Field
FilterFilter a list of answersFilter computation var
Filtering ClientsFiltering DocumentsFiltering Templates
Find the Largest Number in a ListFind the Latest Date in a ListFind the Sum of a Repeated Variable
Finish Interview Action (Command-Line Option)First( text, num )Five Principles of Efficient Document Automation
Fix Page Rotation Problems in PDF DocumentsFixed ValueFonts Used in form Check Boxes Too Light
Foreign Language DLLForm DocumentForm Document Tab
Form DocumentsForm TemplateFormat( value, "example" )
Format "list format"Format Answers in the DocumentFormat Dollar Amounts
Format ExampleFormat Percentages and Other Decimal NumbersFormat ZIP and ZIP+4 Codes
Full List of Expression ModelsFull List of Instruction Models
General Error MessagesGeneral Information: Understanding HotDocs
General Information: Using HotDocsGeneral Keyboard ShortcutsGeneral Settings
General SolutionsGetChosenRecordsGetField
GetFieldNameGet Help Using HotDocsGetting Started in the Cloud
Group Variables in DialogsHD6Main Template Error after HotDocs installation with WordPerfectHDAs Residing on a Server Can't Be Launched if Using IE7
Hidden Clutter ExampleHide Library (Command-Line Option)Home Page
Home Task BarHotDocsHotDocs 10

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