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If the MIME types for Silverlight application files are not configured correctly on your web server, you may get Silverlight Initialize Error 2104 when trying to display a HotDocs Server interview. To fix this problem, ensure that the following MIME types are set up on your server.

Silverlight MIME Types

Extension MIME Type
.xap application/x-silverlight-app
.xaml application/xaml+xml

To configure the MIME types in IIS

  1. In IIS, browse to your Web site (e.g., Default Web Site), and then click the 'MIME Types' icon in the 'Features View'.
  2. In the list of MIME types, look for the types listed above. If they are not found, add them by clicking the 'Add...' link.
  3. If you are asked whether you want the changes to be inherited by other applications within the site, make sure to include the "HDServerFiles\JS" application.