Request Client Interview process

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  1. A firm user initiates a 'Request Client Interview' from the Document Edits Page, selects a recipient of the document which sends an email to the addressed client with a link to the interview.InterviewProcess.png
  2. The client receives the email from the firm user which can be customized prior to delivery to contain specific instructions, document details, and registration information for the client.
  3. The client clicks on the embedded link within the email which takes them to the firm’s login page for client interviews provided by HotDocs Document Services.
  4. The client can then log into the firm's site with the credentials provided by the firm.
  5. Once logged into HotDocs Document Services, clients are taken directly to the assigned interview.
  6. Clients can save their work and return to the same interview with the same link from the initial email until the interview is submitted or until the firm user, assigned to the document, marks it as complete.
  7. Once the Submit button is clicked at the end of the interview the firm user assigned to the document will receive a confirmation email.