RWFactory: no create function for class with ID 58800 (0xe5b0) while reading the HotDocs Library

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When attempting to open a HotDocs answer file, HotDocs displays the following message and then shuts down:

[NOCREATE] RWFactory: no create function for class with ID 58800 (0xe5b0) while reading the HotDocs Library


This file is probably corrupted; HotDocs must shut down immediately.


This problem is caused because the HotDocs Answer Library has become corrupted. You can resolve this problem by either:

  1. Managing answer files using Windows Explorer instead of the HotDocs Answer File Manager.
  2. Deleting and re-creating the HotDocs answer library.

To Manage Answer Files Using Windows Explorer (Recommended)

  1. Open HotDocs.
  2. Click Tools --> Options --> File Management.
  3. In the drop-down list next to the prompt Manage answer files using, select Windows Explorer.
  4. Click OK to close HotDocs Options.

To Delete and Re-create the HotDocs Answer Library

CAUTION: This procedure will remove all references to answer files from the HotDocs Answer File Manager. These references will need to be replaced after the performing the below procedure.
  1. Close HotDocs.
  2. Browse to the location of the HotDocs Answer Library (which will be named answers.hal).
    • The answer library will be contained in your default answer file folder (typically \Documents\HotDocs\Answers for Windows Vista/7, or \My Documents\HotDocs\Answers for Windows XP). You can find the location of the default answer file folder by clicking Tools --> Options --> File Locations --> Answer Files.
  3. Delete answers.hal.
  4. Restart HotDocs.
  5. Click the Answer File Manager button.
  6. Using the Add or Import buttons, add entries for each of your answer files to the Answer File Manager.
  7. Close the Answer File Manager.