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In the early versions of HotDocs 6 (HotDocs 6.0 or HotDocs 6.01), you recieve the error message: RPC server not available. When this error occurs, the computer often stops responding, requiring you to restart.


Because this isn't a HotDocs error, little can be done to correct the problem. The most effective steps may be to re-register the COM servers for HotDocs 6. Redoing this part of the installation ensures that HotDocs is setup and registered with the operating system correctly. However, if another source is causing these errors, these steps may not resolve the problem.

To re-register the COM servers for HotDocs 6

1. Select Run (Start menu). The Run dialog box appears.

2. In the Open box, type command. An MS-DOS command box appears.

3. Run the following command to change the current directory to your HotDocs 6 program directory. (The location of the program directory on your computer may be different. You can check this by using Windows Explorer to search for hotdocs6.exe)

cd "c:\program files\hotdocs 6"

4. At this folder, run the following commands:

hotdocs6.exe -unregserver
hotdocs6.exe -regserver
hotfill6.exe -unregserver
hotfill6.exe -regserver

5. If you have HotDocs Professional, run this command also:

hdauto6.exe -unregserver
hdauto6.exe -regserver

If you still receive this error after running these commands, contact HotDocs Technical Support.