Problems with Microsoft Word and Smart Tags

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In June 2006, Microsoft issued security updates for the following versions of Word:

  • Word 2003 (Security Update KB917334, dated 06/13/2006)
  • word 2002 (Security Update KB917335, dated 06/13/2006)
  • Word 2000 (Security Update KB917345, dated 06/13/2006)

Once you have applied this security update and you edit your templates in Word, Word may insert "Smart Tags" in HotDocs variable fields. When you attempt to assemble the document, these tags may be converted to colorized spaces in the assembled document. In other cases, you may receive syntax errors that HotDocs found unrecognized text when expecting a variable. These problems occur in HotDocs 2006, HotDocs 2005, and HotDocs 6.2.


To correct this problem, you must turn off Smart Tags to keep Word from inserting them in your variable fields, and remove any Smart Tags that may already been placed in your templates.

To work with Smart Tags

  1. Edit the template in Microsoft Word.
  2. Choose AutoCorrect Options (Tools menu) and click the Smart Tags tab.
  3. Clear Label text with smart tags. (This prevents Word from inserting new smart tags in all documents.)
  4. Click Remove Smart Tags. (This removes existing smart tags from the current document.)
  5. Click OK.