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To create and assembled PDF-based form documents, you must purchase a license for HotDocs PDF Advantage. Contact your HotDocs sales representative for details.

When you print a PDF-based form document, HotDocs asks if you want to use either HotDocs or Adobe Acrobat as the base application for printing. The following provides some guidelines for choosing an option:

When using the HotDocs to print

  • You cannot print a PDF-based form using a PostScript printer driver.
  • You should print within the 300 dpi to 600 dpi range, as printing at higher resolutions may be problematic.
  • For the most reliable results, you should print using a PCL-based printer with at least 8 MB of RAM. Other printers may cause unknown problems.
  • In HotDocs 6.1 SP1 and earlier, the print function does not scale content to fit within the printable area of the printer—it prints at actual size only. In HotDocs 6.2 and later, you have options for scaling the content.
  • You can print the document with or without answers. (You cannot do this using Adobe Acrobat.)
  • Printing time takes longer than printing with Adobe Acrobat.

When using Adobe Acrobat to print

  • You can print a PDF-based form using a PostScript printer driver. (PostScript printer drivers are always recommended. Non-PostScript printer drivers may print the page off-center by 1/8" to 1/4".)
  • Documents will print with both form fields and answers - you have no option of printing one or the other.
  • Printing time is faster than with the HotDocs print function.