Pressing F11 Key Does Not Move to Next Field

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After installing HotDocs 6.2, if you edit a document or template in Microsoft Word, pressing F11 does not move to the next Word field. Instead, if the template contains HotDocs variable fields, pressing F11 will move to the next HotDocs field. This is caused by a conflict between Word's Next Field command and the Next Field button on the new HotDocs navigation toolbar.


You must update your copies of and to correct this problem.

To Replace the HotDocs file

1. Close HotDocs and all other optional applications - including Microsoft Word.

2. Download the zip file that contains the macros you need, based on the version of Word you are using:

3. Extract the macro file to a temporary folder.

4. Replace the existing files as follows:

  • Copy to the HotDocs 6 program folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\HotDocs 6).
  • Copy to the Word Startup folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office XP\Office10\Startup).

5. Restart Word and HotDocs.