PDF Advantage Prints Unwanted Watermark

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When printing a PDF-based form document, sometimes the water mark text DocuCom PDF Trail appears on the printed page.


There may be one of two possible solutions:

Registration Problems

Sometimes this watermark appears because HotDocs PDF Advantage hasn't been installed and registered by Windows correctly. To correct the problem, uninstall HotDocs PDF Advantage and restart your computer. Then reinstall PDF Advantage and restart your computer.

Coexistence of HotDocs PDF Advantage and PaperPort

In some situations, this watermark appears when there is a conflict between PDF Advantage and PaperPort (by Nuance). If this is the case, complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure that HotDocs PDF Advantage is installed and working correctly (meaning you are bale to create PDF documents using it).
  2. Go to Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes, right-click on HotDocs PDF Driver, and choose Delete.
  3. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and find DocuCom PDF Driver in the list. Remove this program.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Perform whatever steps are necessary to get PaperPort fully functional again. (For example, either uninstall and then reinstall the program, or repair the program.)

Paperport should now install and use a PDF Driver entitled DocuCom PDF Driver. You will no longer have the Hotdocs PDF Driver on your system. Hotdocs will instead use the DocuCom driver. You should also substitute the DocuCom PDF Driver in all the tasks for which you would have previously used the HotDocs PDF Driver.