Overview: HotDocs Template Set Update API

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HotDocs 2006 includes a COM type library with objects and methods you can use to easily create and modify valid HotDocs update catalog files and RSS documents. This type library is contained in HDNet.dll, which is installed in the HotDocs program files folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\HotDocs or C:\Program Files (x86)\HotDocs).

The HDNET object model includes the following objects for creating and modifying update files:

  • UpdateCatalog: A HotDocs update catalog (.HCAT) file.
  • UpdateDocument: A HotDocs update RSS document (RSS feed).
  • UpdateItem: A single update item.
  • UpdateItems: A collection of update items. Update catalogs contain three lists of update items, and update documents contain a single list of update items.
  • UpdateChannel: A single update channel in an update RSS document.
  • UpdateChannels: A collection of update channels in an update RSS document. Each RSS document contains one UpdateChannels collection with a single UpdateChannel.