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When users assemble documents in HotDocs, the quality of the interviews and assembled documents is directly related to the quality of the HotDocs templates used to assemble the documents. Templates designed to work in harmony with the way HotDocs expects them to work will produce better results with less effort than templates that try to make HotDocs operate in an unexpected way. Designing templates that work with HotDocs instead of against it requires you to think like HotDocs.

This section gives you a "behind the scenes" look at how HotDocs assembles documents to give you a better understanding of the processes involved. It also includes articles that cover lesser-known HotDocs features and automation techniques you can use. Then, as you automate your own templates, this knowledge will help you make your time more productive and the templates you produce more efficient.

In this section, you can also learn about features included in each version of HotDocs. If you are interested in upgrading HotDocs from a previous version, you will also find a FAQ that answers some of the questions users commonly ask about the upgrade process.