Overview: Answer Source Integration

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When completing a HotDocs interview to produce a custom document, HotDocs users typically enter their answers by typing them directly at the answer-gathering dialog. Those answers are then merged into the assembled document.

In some situations, however, the data the user needs to enter is stored in a separate application. Rather than requiring the user to manually look up the answers in the third-party application and then re-enter the data in HotDocs, an integration between the two products can be created that allows the user to click a button on a HotDocs dialog and have immediate access to data stored by the third-party.

For example, an integration between HotDocs and Microsoft Outlook allows users to click a button in a HotDocs dialog and have the Contacts list in Outlook open. The user then double-clicks on a given contact and the data about that person is automatically merged into the answer fields of the dialog.

The articles in this section of the Knowledge Base are provided to help you determine whether an integration between HotDocs and your application is feasible. It contains a brief example of how an answer source works, and then it describes, in detail, the requirements for creating the integration DLL, including descriptions of the functions that must be exported from the DLL.