One Style Superseding Another in Word Template or Document

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Word won't allow you to have two different paragraph styles assigned to text in the same paragraph.


To allow two or more paragraph styles in a single paragraph, you can create a style separator. To do this, you will actually create two paragraphs of text (each with their own paragraph style assigned), but you will apply the Hidden property to the paragraph mark (¶) that separates the two paragraphs.

When this mark is hidden, the two paragraph will appear as one.

To create a style separator

  1. Edit the template and click the Show / Hide ¶ button. This shows paragraph marks in the template.
  2. At the point in the paragraph where the styles should change, press the Enter key. This creates a paragraph mark in the template (and the text after the mark starts a new paragraph, which is correct).
  3. Select (highlight) just the paragraph mark (¶) and choose Font (Format menu).
  4. Select Hidden in the Effects group and click OK.
  5. Click the Show / Hide ¶ button again. This hides all paragraph marks in the template and, because of the Hidden font property assigned to the mark, the text after the paragraph mark is moved back to its original paragraph.