Marking Up Model Documents

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As you draft documents for your clients, you frequently modify existing documents by replacing the changeable text in the document (such as names, dates, and figures) with the current client’s information. This process can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Rather than search through the document for this text each time you need to customize the document for a new client, you can create a model document, which is an exemplar document used as the basis for drafting documents of the same type for specific clients.

With a model document, you mark parts of the document that are changeable with special fields. Once you have a model document, you can use it with HotDocs to generate documents for your clients. If you are using HotDocs Professional, you can also convert your model documents to HotDocs template format so they can be added to your collection of templates.

Marking up model documents is done entirely in Microsoft Word using a special markup language called Model Document Markup Language. Once the model is created, you can assemble it using HotDocs.

The following folders contain the help topics to help you mark up your model documents:

Simple Model Document Markup

Full Model Document Markup

Example Model Documents

Quick Reference Guides