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Welcome To The HotDocs Wiki!

Welcome to the HotDocs Wiki! Our community of developers, technicians, partners and power users has contributed 597 articles, which can help you:

  • Install HotDocs software
  • Learn how to use HotDocs software
  • Resolve technical issues with HotDocs software
  • Create custom HotDocs templates
  • Create complex HotDocs computation scripting
  • Much more...

The Contents page displays all articles on the HotDocs Wiki, or visit the Categories page to view articles by content.

If you need help resolving a technical issue, please visit the Problems & Solutions page for a list of known problems and their solutions. You can also find a solution by typing a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing (e.g., the text of an error message) into the search box on the top right of the page.

HotDocs Knowledge Base

The HotDocs Knowledge Base is organized in three different sections - Developer Corner, Problems & Solutions, and HotDocs API.

  • The Developer Corner section of the Knowledge Base is a supplement to the HotDocs Helps installed on your computer as part of the normal HotDocs installation. Although some of the information is duplicated here, the articles in this Knowledge Base generally contain more advanced information than is found in the HotDocs Helps. Consequently, many of the examples are based on the assumption that you have already read about or understand related HotDocs concepts as explained in the HotDocs Helps.
  • The Problems & Solutions section documents known problems and solutions to those problems users have encountered during HotDocs use. If you are having troubles this is a good first place to look to help you out.
  • The HotDocs API section provides advanced technical articles on integrating your application with HotDocs using the HotDocs Application Programming Interface (or API). It includes examples of types of integrations, as well as solutions to problems you may encounter as you create these integrations. For information on obtaining the complete documentation for the API, please contact a HotDocs Sales representative at (800) 500-3627.


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