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You cannot purchase a license for HotDocs Interconnect anymore, which integrated HotDocs document assembly and template creation processes with your organization's existing document management system (DMS). Each product in the HotDocs InterConnect for WorkSite product family provides a way for your organization to maximize its investment in both HotDocs and WorkSite software by facilitating flow of information from one application to the other. In a nutshell, HotDocs InterConnect allows you to save your HotDocs templates in the WorkSite DMS, and then assemble documents from those templates via DeskSite, MailSite, or a HotDocs library. Assembled documents can then be saved and profiled, along with their corresponding answer files, in the DMS.

Note: This product is no longer available to be purchased and is no longer supported.

The products that make up the HotDocs InterConnect product family interact with each other, with HotDocs, and with various WorkSite products to create a highly efficient, streamlined process for assembling and managing documents that are critical to your organization's success.

HotDocs InterConnect

The main HotDocs InterConnect product is a HotDocs plug-in that adds functionality to the HotDocs library window. When a user has installed this plug-in, a WorkSite menu appears in the menu bar and shortcut menu. Using the commands available in these menus, users can add new templates to the DMS, add templates from the DMS to the HotDocs library, and check templates into and out of the DMS. The HotDocs InterConnect install also includes a plug-in for DeskSite/MailSite/FileSite, which allows users to select HotDocs templates in the DMS and assemble them from there without going through the HotDocs library.

HotDocs Server InterConnect

HotDocs Server InterConnect for WorkSite allows users to select templates in DeskSite/MailSite/FileSite and assemble them using HotDocs Server instead of desktop HotDocs. In this configuration, regular users do not need HotDocs installed on their desktops—only the users who create the templates and add them to the DMS would need HotDocs (along with the HotDocs InterConnect plug-in described above).

Document Types

To help distinguish HotDocs templates from other files that are stored in the DMS, HotDocs InterConnect utilizes three document types, which the DMS administrator must set up in the WorkSite database:

  • HDTEMPLATE: These are regular HotDocs text, form, and interview templates.
  • HDSERVER: These are the same as HDTEMPLATE files, but they are enabled for server assembly.
  • HDRELATED: These are the component files that go along with HDTEMPLATE and HDSERVER template files. Also, any inserted templates are stored in the DMS as HDRELATED files.