IDispatch Errors

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When editing or assembling a template, you encounter an error in IDispatch, for example:

IDispatch::Invoke("OpenOld"=0000000c) failed w/err 0x800a141f


HotDocs was unable to open the document in Microsoft Word.

IDispatch::Invoke("Add"=00000000) failed w/err 0x80010105)


This error is usually encountered when the template file has become corrupted, and seems generally to occur when there is a REPEAT instruction in a table.

You may be able to fix the corruption if you can find, by process of elimination, the corrupt portion of your template.

To find the portion of your template that has been corrupted:

  1. Make a COPY of your template file (Very Important!).
  2. Delete the first paragraph in the copy of the template.
  3. Test the copy of the template to see if you still encounter the IDispatch error.

You will need to repeat steps 2 and 3 until you do not encounter the IDispatch error when you test the copy of the template. When you no longer encounter the error, it is likely that the corrupted part of your template was contained in the last paragraph you deleted.

You may be able to fix the corrupted paragraph by applying the Normal style to the paragraph, or by changing various properties of the paragraph (font, spacing, alignment, etc.). You will need to do some experimentation to fix the problem.