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Welcome to the community portal. This page contains guidelines for HotDocs Wiki contributions.


Creating New Articles

New articles may be freely created, but should conform to the following standards:


New articles should be directly related to the function of current HotDocs software. For example, the following article topics would be appropriate

  • Resolution of a HotDocs error message
  • Integrating HotDocs with a third-party application
  • Configuring HotDocs for use on Windows Terminal Server
  • Scripting a computation to output Number Variables in scientific notation

On the other hand, the following article topics would be inappropriate:

  • Bios or contact information for third-party consultants
  • Advertisements for template sets published with HotDocs
  • HotDocs feature or enhancement requests
  • Assisting or promoting the violation of licensing agreements

Redirects and Disambiguations

Before creating a new article, please check for existing articles on the topic. If one or more articles already exist on the topic, please consider creating a redirect or disambiguation page.

If multiple topic titles refer to the same topic (e.g., "Computation" and "Computation Variable"), please create a redirect page for the new topic title. You can create a redirect page by creating a page with the new title, containing only the following text:

#REDIRECT [[Authorized topic title]]

If a single title may refer to more than one topic, please create a disambiguation page for the topic title. An example disambiguation page is as follows:

The term '''ambiguous term''' may refer to:
* [[Topic title 1]]
* [[Topic title 2]]

Style Guide

All articles should conform to the following style guidelines to enhance readability and usability of the site.


Since HotDocs Wiki users will be seeking answers to specific questions, titles should be as descriptive as possible. Where a HotDocs error message is the topic of an article, the title should be the precise text of the error message.


Wherever possible, please link HotDocs terminology to associated articles on the HotDocs Wiki. This will greatly assist those who are less familiar with HotDocs software.

You can create an internal link to an associated article with the following Wiki code:



Please be as clear, concise, and descriptive as possible. When providing step-by-step instructions, please number each step and make sure that you haven't skipped any steps.


You can use the <syntaxhighlight> tag to format HotDocs computation and dialog scripts. For example:

<syntaxhighlight lang="hds">
IF ANSWERED( Text Variable )
  SET Date Variable TO TODAY

Will look like this:

IF ANSWERED( Text Variable )
  SET Date Variable TO TODAY


Content should be directly related to the function of current HotDocs software. Please conform to the following content guidelines when creating or editing articles:

Feature and Enhancement Requests

Please avoid posting features and enhancement requests. If you would like to suggest a new feature or make an enhancement request, please use the HotDocs Enhancement Request page.

Third-Party Software

We encourage articles on integrating HotDocs with third-party products. We also encourage articles containing feature comparisons and suggestions for migrating content to or from HotDocs.

We ask, however, that contributors avoid direct advertisements for third-party software or services. Information on authorized HotDocs Resellers and consultants can be found on the HotDocs Partners page.

Inappropriate Content

Please avoid contributing content which is illegal, offensive, inflammatory, or embarrassing to any person or organization.