HotDocs Displays 'Begin Field Marker' Error Messages When Assembling

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HotDocs displays the following error message when trying to assemble a document: Begin-field markers are not allowed inside HotDocs fields.


The term Begin Field Marker refers to the left chevron character used by HotDocs to define in a HotDocs template. HotDocs is apparently finding one of these markers between the beginning and ending markers of a field.

For example,

«Employee «Name»

will yield the error because a Begin Field Marker occurs within the HotDocs field. Another reason this error may occur is if the End Field Marker (») is missing. For example:

«Employee Name was hired to fill a vacancy in the position of «Employee Position».

Even though the real problem is that the End Field Marker is missing after Employee Name, to HotDocs, it appears as though there's a Begin Field Marker within a field (right before Employee Position).

To solve the problem, examine each field in the template to make sure it uses field markers correctly.

If you are still unable to locate the problem marker, try the Show/Hide ¶ button. This will reveal hidden text in the template. Make sure there isn't any hidden text that includes a marker.