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When editing a Microsoft Word template, HotDocs displays the following error message: HotDocs cannot PLAY the macro HD6EditTemplate.Main because the macro does not exist in the original template or in a global template currently loaded in Word, or due to another error in Word.

When this error occurs, buttons on the HotDocs toolbar do not work.


This error may occur if Microsoft Word fails to properly load the HotDocs templates. To solve the problem, you must make sure that the global templates exist in the correct location and that they are loaded by Microsoft Word.

To load the HotDocs Global Templates

  1. In HotDocs, select Options from the Tools menu. The HotDocs Options dialog box appears.
  2. Double-click the Word Processors folder so that it expands to show subfolders for each word processor that is installed, and then click the folder for the version of Word where the problem occurs. The right pane changes to show the different file locations of the document, template, and startup files.
  3. Note the path of the Startup folder (it will be required later), and then click the Browse button next to the Startup folder. A new window opens, displaying the contents of the Startup folder.
  4. Click OK. The HotDocs Options dialog box closes.
  1. In Microsoft Word, select Templates and Add-ins from the Tools menu. The Templates and Add-ins dialog box appears.
  1. In the Global templates and add-ins group, click Add. The Add Template dialog box appears.
  2. Browse to the Startup folder you found in step 3 above (for example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2003\OFFICE11\Startup\).
  3. Select, and then click OK. The template is loaded.
  1. Repeat steps 6–8 to load