HotDocs COM Error: Failed to create or access an instance of HotDocs, code=80029c4a

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If you have uninstalled the trial version of HotDocs Developer 10, and then re-installed an older version of HotDocs, you may encounter the following error when attempting to edit a template or when clicking buttons on the HotDocs toolbar in Microsoft Word:

HotDocs COM Error

Failed to create or access an instance of HotDocs, code = 80029c4a

This error is caused by a reference to an incorrect version of the type library in the Windows registry.


  1. Close HotDocs and Word.
  2. Open the Windows Registry.
    • You can open the Windows Registry but clicking on the Windows Start button and typing "regedit" in the Search box and pressing Enter.
  3. Delete the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{CE28A102-60FA-4772-9301-90BB1E887161}\6.5.
  4. Close the Windows Registry.
  5. Restart HotDocs.
CAUTION: Incorrect changes to the Windows registry can cause some programs to malfunction, so be careful when editing the registry.