HotDocs Button Doesn't Appear on the Word 2007 Ribbon

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The HotDocs button (the red D) does not appear in the Word 2007 ribbon. This happens on Windows Vista. When attempting to edit a template, Word displays a message saying the macros cannot be played.


This happens if HotDocs is set up to copy the Word macros to a folder protected by Vista (e.g., c:\program files). In that case, when HotDocs starts up, it cannot copy the files there.

One theory why this happens is that users may be trying to run HotDocs before running Word 2007 for the first time, so when HotDocs looks at the registry, it doesn't see any user-specific settings, so it decides that it will use the machine-wide Word Startup folder instead.

One solution is to run HotDocs as an elevated user the first time, which will allow the startup files to be copied to the machine-wide folder. To do this, choose Start > All Programs > HotDocs 2008, then right click on HotDocs and choose Run as Administrator.

Another solution is to check the location of the Word Startup folder in HotDocs Options. User could then change it to the following: