HDAs Residing on a Server Can't Be Launched if Using IE7

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When attempting to launch (from a library) an HDA that resides on a Web server, HotDocs displays the following error message:

HotDocs is unable to retrieve [URL path and file name] from the server. There is no copy of this file in the cache on this computer, so HotDocs cannot proceed.

This message appears when Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is installed.


This problem can be fixed by updating a single program file called HDNET.DLL. You can do this by running a simple installation package that copies the DLL to the correct program location.

To update the program DLL

  1. Install the latest service packs for the version of HotDocs you are using. (See http://www.hotdocs.com/downloads/).
  2. Download and run the following self-extracting ZIP file: http://www.hotdocs.com/downloads/HotDocsIE7fix.exe