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General Settings allow the administrator to apply your firm 'branding' to your site. Here you can designate the firm name, logo, and contact information that allow your clients to identify and contact your firm.

There is no requirement to add a logo and if you choose not to do so, your firm name will be used in place of logo. Only site administrators can modify general settings.

Enter the following details (Details marked with ** are required in order to save the settings):

  • Name - Enter the name of you Firm. **
  • Logo - Select your firm logo image file.
  • Contact Email - Enter the contact email for your firm. **
  • Phone - Enter the phone number for you Firm.
  • Address/Address2 - Enter the address of your Firm.
  • City - Enter the city you Firm is based in.
  • State/Province - Enter the State you Firm is based in.
  • Zip - Enter the Zip Code for your Firm.

Once all details have been entered, click 'SAVE Settings' button. The firm image will be added to the top left of the page. If an image is not uploaded, only the firm name will appear in the upper left header.