Fix Page Rotation Problems in PDF Documents

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Pages that are rotated in a PDF aren't rotated when the PDF is converted to template format.


Starting with the release of HotDocs 2006, page rotation is honored when creating a new template. However, you may need to update existing forms where page rotation is not honored.

To fix page rotation problems in existing PDF templates

  1. Make a back-up copy of the form.
  2. Edit the original form.
  3. Delete all of the fields on the original form.
  4. Save and close the form.
  5. Reopen the original form. The rotated pages should appear correctly.
  6. Open the back-up copy of the form and coy the fiels for the unrotated pages.
  7. Create new fields for the rotated page.
  8. Optionally, copy any printing or addendum properties from the back-up form.