Errors When Using HotDocs 6.1 or 6.2 with WordPerfect 11 sp1 or sp2

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When you attempt to use HotDocs 6.1/6.2 with WordPerfect 11 sp1, HotDocs does not recognize any fields in the template. It also displays PerfectScript errors.


WordPerfect macros for editing templates in HotDocs 6.1/6.2 do not work in WordPerfect 11 if you have installed WordPerfect 11 Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2. The WordPerfect knowledge base and news groups had the following explanation:

The knowledge of the "rules" for what is allowed to change, and what is not allowed to change, from one minor release to the next got lost in the shuffle of staff over the years, and someone made a change to the internal definitions of the macro commands that made the compiled version of macros incompatible with the prior minor release.

According to our original design, such changes are only allowed to occur from one major release to the next, where the macro system is designed to properly recognize and handle such changes. But these types of changes are not supposed to be permitted from one minor release to the next, and so the macro system is not designed to proper support such changes.

To fix the problem, you must download SP1-compiled macros from the HotDocs FTP site. Replace these files in the WordPerfect 11 macro folder (for example, C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Corel\PerfectScript\11\WordPerfect).

To download the macros for HotDocs 6.1, see

To download the macros for HotDocs 6.2, see