Error Messages When Saving Component Files

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When saving a component file, you receive an error message like the following: Component 'A' has an invalid parent dialog 'B'. What does this error message mean?


In HotDocs 5 and earlier, there were some anomalies that allowed certain types of data corruption to creep into component files when some operations (e.g. copying, moving, and deleting components and dialogs) were done in specific, unexpected sequences. Starting with HotDocs 6, the software detects these types of data corruption and attempts to repair them.

This particular message, Component 'A' has invalid parent dialog 'B', usually means that Dialog B was incorrectly deleted from Component Manager, but for some reason Component A is still referring to it. In this case, the dialog is still being stored in the component file even though it does not show up in the Component Manager list. When a template that contains this anomaly is converted and saved in HotDocs 6/HotDocs 2005, HotDocs handles this anomaly by reporting either Corrected - invalid dialog deleted, or, less commonly, Corrected - parent pointer removed.