Error Message Appears When Launching Auto-Assemble File

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When launching a HotDocs auto-assemble (HDA) file, HotDocs displays a "Failed to extract HotDocs version information" error message and the auto-assemble process stops.


This happens because HotDocs cannot write to the temporary Windows folder where the contents (the template and component file, among other files) of the HDA must be stored.

To explain, Windows determines which folder is used by getting the folder name from the TMP or TEMP environment variable. If no TMP or TEMP variable is defined, then HotDocs will attempt to extract the data to the Windows folder (to which the user will most likely not have write-access).

In all situations, if the folder is write-protected, you will experience the error described above. To fix the problem, you must either grant write-access to the folder or point your variable to another writable folder, for example, C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Temp.