Creating a New Document

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  • A Template must be selected to create a new Document. Search uploaded templates or enter part of the template name into the Find field. To assist with template results, you can click the left arrow and then search through one or more taxonomy fields that apply and which have been assigned to the template. New taxonomies can be created by a firm admin user to tailor your searches accordingly. Clear All will clear all taxonomy filters applied.
  • A Client must be selected to add a New Document. A client can be seleted from the client list displayed on the right or by choosing to Add New Client.
  • The ‘Based On’ field allows a new Document to be based upon a previously created document for that client. Alternatively, you can select ‘Upload Answer File’ to populate the interview answers from a previous HotDocs Answer file.
  • Title will be generated automatically from the selected template and client names however; this can be changes simply by editing within the title field.
  • Firm User is set default to the currently logged in user, however this can be set to another Firm User.
  • Click the Finish button to generate the new Document is created, it will set to 'Open' in the Document Edit page.