Clicking the IF Button Causes HotDocs to Stop Responding

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While editing either a text or a form template and clicking the If.gifIF Field button, HotDocs appears to stop responding.


The problem was reported by users running HotDocs on Windows XP SP2. (It may, however, happen on any operating system.)

What's happening is the IF Field dialog box has been displayed somewhere in the virtual screen space. It exists, but its coordinates are off the physical screen, so you can't see it. The problem occurs because no System Registry entry exists for the position of the IF Field dialog box. An entry will be created after you move and drop the window according to the following instructions.

To move the IF Field dialog box back to the physical screen space

  1. Click the If.gifIF Field button. This causes HotDocs to appear as though it's not responding.
  2. Press Alt+Spacebar. The system menu for the IF Field dialog box appears. You may or may not see the menu on your screen, depending on where the IF Field dialog box is.
  3. Press M to choose the Move command in the menu.
  4. Press Up Arrow once. This attaches the mouse pointer to the title bar of the out-of-view IF Field dialog box.
  5. Without clicking any mouse buttons, move the mouse until the IF Field dialog box comes into view.
  6. After the IF Field dialog box becomes visible, click the left mouse button to drop the window.

Once you do this, you shouldn't experience the problem again unless you delete the HotDocs settings stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section of the System Registry.