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Becoming Familiar with HotDocs

What Is HotDocs?

HotDocs is an award-winning software application that significantly reduces the time spent generating customized documents, such as contracts, sales proposals, government and court forms, legal documents, loan applications, and medical forms.

Using HotDocs, you can transform any PDF document or word processor file into an interactive template by marking changeable text with HotDocs variables. Then, the next time you want to generate a completed form or text document, just assemble the interactive template you've created. As you do this, you will be prompted for the information needed in the document and that information will be merged into the document.

When using HotDocs, you can perfect a template, minimizing the "human error" factor that repetitive typing introduces. Additionally, you can automate your templates so that verb tenses, gender references, dates, numbers, calculations, and more are updated automatically as users enter information. Custom interview questions and help resources guide you or your users through the interview.

Virtually any document in your workflow can be converted to a HotDocs template, including lengthy and complex documents. HotDocs templates then become your gold standard—experienced colleagues can share their knowledge, and new colleagues come up to speed faster. Using HotDocs, you can compile an invaluable repository of special language, unique clauses or terms, correspondence, and more.

The following diagram shows the HotDocs process, from template development to document assembly:

Plan a Template Development Project

*This section assumes you understand, at least conceptually, the template development process.

*To step through each topic in this section sequentially, use the Next and Previous links at the 
end of each topic.

The success of any automation project is in the details. This document describes some of the details you should consider as you automate your template set.

Specifically, this group of sequential topics covers the following;

  1. Planning the project
  2. Marking up the document set
  3. Preparing to automate the templates
  4. Automating the templates
  5. Managing the template library
  6. Distributing the finished templates

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