Can't Preview a Template When Working with Word 2007

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When previewing a Word 2007 .DOT in the template library, Word reports that the HotDocsRibbon.dotm and Hd2007edit.dotm files are in use (locked for editing).


You can rename the HotDocsRibbon.dotm file.

To rename the ribbon file

  1. Close HotDocs.
  2. Locate HotDocsRibbon.dotm in the user Startup folder for Word (for example, C:\documents and Settings\UserName\Aplication Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP).
  3. Delete or rename the file.
  4. Open C:\Program Files\HotDocs 6\Source\Word\Macros2007.
  5. Rename HotDocsRibbon.dotm to
  6. Run HotDocs.