AutoOpen and AutoExec Macros Disabled When Working with Word Templates

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If you have a global template installed that uses AutoOpen or AutoExec macros, the macros won't run when HotDocs starts Word (for example, when you edit the template via the Edit button at the library or send the assembled document to the word processor).


HotDocs explicitly disables the execution of auto macros in Word be fore it opens a template for editing or sends a document to Word after assembly. Auto macros that run when Word is started by HotDocs interfere with HotDocs' ability to set Word up properly for template editing, to execute PLAY instructions, and so forth.

To avoid this problem, first start Word before editing a template, or start Word before sending the document to the word processor.

Beginning with HotDocs 2005 SP1, HotDocs includes an option in Tools > Options > Word Processor 
called Launch Word before sending to word processor (allows auto macros to run). Selecting this 
option corrects the problem described above.