Assemble Documents from Within Time Matters

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Frequently, when working in Time Matters, you need to create a document that uses information stored in Time Matters. Once you set up a HotDocs template extension, you can use a template as the basis for such a document, and information from the chosen Time Matters record will be used in completing the interview and assembling the document.

To assemble HotDocs documents from Time Matters, you must first create HotDocs template extensions. (See Create HotDocs Template Extensions.) Once these extensions are defined, you can create the documents you need. To do this, you must complete the following steps:

Part 1: To define the document properties

  1. In Time Matters, click the Docs button to display the list of documents.
  2. Click the Add Record button. The Document Form - Add dialog box appears.
  3. At the Primary tab, enter a description (for example, the template's title) in the Description box.
  4. Click the File Name Lookup button and designate a file path and name for the assembled document.
  5. Enter information about the document in any of the remaining fields.

The next step is to choose the template that will be used to create the document.

Part 2: To associate the template with the document and assemble it

  1. Click the HotDocs button, located near the bottom of the Document Form - Add dialog box.
  2. Click Data Source and then click the Select Record Type drop-down list to choose the type of record for which you are assembling the document. (For example, if you are assembling a document that requires data from a client record, choose Contact from the list.) The option you select here will determine the templates that are available to assemble.
  3. Click Add. A dialog box appears listing the records for that type.
  4. Select one or more records from the list and click OK. You are returned to the Document Form - Add dialog box and records are shown in the list.
  5. If you selected more than one record, click on the record whose data you want to retrieve and use in the assembled document.
  6. Click the Template button. The view changes to show the templates associated with the type of record you selected.
  7. Select the template you want to assemble and click Assembled. The HotDocs assembly windows opens.
  8. Complete the interview, saving the document once it has been assembled. The document is now associated with Time Matters.

When finished assembling and saving the document, click the Time Matters Save and Close button. Now the document is associated with the record you selected. You can view it, edit it, and so forth—just as you would any other document stored by Time Matters.