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The process HotDocs goes through as it processes scripts in the template and merges answers into the document. At the end of the assembly process, the user has a document tailored to his or her needs.

The following topics discuss the options available in the Document Assembly folder of HotDocs Options:

  • Make Assembly Window Toolbars Automatically Wrap
  • Display Warning When Questions are Unanswered
  • Prompt to Save the Assembled Document When Closing the Assembly Window
  • Warn When Printing Assembled Text Documents
  • Prompt to Select an Answer File Before Assembly
  • Specify a Default Date Format
  • Format Unanswered Variables in a Document
  • Set Properties for Viewing Answers and Editable Text in the Assembled Document
  • Warn When Adding Assemblies to Assembly Queue
  • Include List of Completed Assemblies in Assembly Queue