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To start, it may help to understand how an answer source integration looks and works to both an end user and a developer. In the following example, a DLL has been created that links a dialog to the Microsoft Outlook Contacts list.

As a user completes a HotDocs interview, dialogs which have answer source integrations appear with a Select button on them.


When users click the Select button, the answer source DLL opens Outlook and displays the Contacts list in a modal dialog box.


The user then double-clicks a contact in the list and the data associated with the record is merged into the HotDocs dialog.


From the perspective of a HotDocs template developer, the steps required to "hook" the answer source integration to a given dialog is simple. In HotDocs Professional, a template developer creates a dialog and adds the variables to the dialog whose values will come from the third-party application.


Once the dialog is created and the variables have been added, the template developer then chooses the answer source DLL at the Options tab of the Dialog Editor.


Once the answer source is selected, the template developer then maps (or associates) variables in the dialog to fields in the answer source (in this case, to fields in the Contacts list).


Once the variables are mapped to the fields, the answer source integration is complete.