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A firm admin can also choose to Allow Template Links which provides the opportunity for clients to initiate the document creation process. If the firm had a public facing website or social media site, links to interviews can be placed externally, whereby an anonymous / new client can register with the firm and then complete and interview.

Template Links may incur additional transaction charges to the firm and only Firm Administrators can accept
the Terms and allow Template Links to be Distributed. Please contact your HotDocs Sales Representative at
1-800-500-3627 or for questions about options and pricing.


To create or copy a template link, open the Templates page and click edit for the template to which you'd like to provide a link. Place a check mark next to Allow Link and then click on the copy the link to the clipboard.

NOTE: You must click on Save & Return in order to save the setting that will Allow a Link for that Template.

A confirmation window confirms that the interview link has been copied to the clipboard. Paste the link on an external site to allow a new clients to register with your firm and run an interview.

Clients that follow a template link have the option to login if they are already a client, or they can register as a new client. If Allow Link was not saved, a permission error is encountered upon login.