Add Customized Additional Text to a Dialog Repeated as a Spreadsheet

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Note: HotDocs 2006 and later users: Please see the HotDocs Help for instructions on creating a dialog element.

Dialogs that use the Spreadsheet style can be viewed as a spreadsheet or, if the user clicks Edit Row, as a series of dialogs. If additional text is added to the dialog, the same text usually displays in both cases. However, you can create additional text customized for a spreadsheet or for a series of dialogs.

To create customized additional text

  1. Open the dialog in the Dialog Editor.
  2. In the Additional text box, use the following codes to limit when the additional text will appear. Replace the additionalText placeholder with the text you want displayed on the repeated dialog:
    • For spreadsheets only, type @SS:additionalText.
    • For a series of dialogs only, type @ROW:additionalText.
  3. Drag the additional text to the Contents box, placing it where you want the text to appear on the dialog.